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COMING SOON: Online Ordering - Please note, not all areas of the website are accessible, contact us for additional information.

About JCM

JCM is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products, serving customers across Canada through our retail partners.

We excel at supporting our retail partners with an impressive line of goods that appeal to a wide demographic while focused on the OPP (Opening Price Point) market segment. Over the last 10+ years, JCM has partnered directly with factories, bypassing agents, distributors and middlemen, enabling us to offer aggressive pricing, low overhead and strong brand building expertise.

As one of the largest sheet set manufacturers in Canada in the OPP segment, JCM’s price/value proposition is one of the strongest in Canada.

For more information on our products, services or to discuss a retail or wholesale inquiry, please get in touch with us today.


Our Team

  • Jeff McMaster


    Jeff McMaster heads up JCM and comes from a diverse background in Consumer Packaged Goods sales, marketing and leadership. With experience working with companies like P&G, Schering-Plough and Frito-Lay, Jeff has 22+ years of experience and drives growth at JCM.

  • Emma Macri

    Director, Trade Marketing

    Emma Macri joined JCM in April 2016. With 30+ years of experience in sales, business analysis and category development. Prior to joining JCM, Emma worked on key accounts with Johnson&Johnson and held various roles at Schering-Plough.

  • Peter Romano

    VP, Sales & Business Development


  • Paul Franch

    Chief Financial Officer

    Paul Franch brings 35+ years of financial experience and services to JCM as our CFO. Paul brings a dedicated business approach to ensuring stability and future growth. Working with a wide range of financial networks, Paul has developed unique financial strategies in the fast-paced Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

  • Maria Muraca

    Customer Service Manager

    Maria Muraca comes from 25+ years in the customer service space with brands like Schering-Plough, Consolidated Container and more. Maria brings a strong set of customer service skills and customer satisfaction.

  • Jacynthe Shaw

    Graphic Designer

    Jacynthe is a passionate Montreal-based graphic and textile designer. Since graduating from the graphic design program in 2003, at Dawson College, she's been working creatively for a wide variety of brands. Jacynthe joined JCM in 2016 tasked with product design, packaging and visual tools to support our sales team. Products such as our best-selling Five Diamond Sheets, Tough Guy Belts, Jax Wireless and more display her creativity and strategy.

  • Chris Ibberson

    Chief Technology Officer

    For over a decade, Chris Ibberson has been helping established businesses leverage technology to support and drive growth. With a diverse background in areas like digital process automation, digital marketing and selling, networking and infrastructure and telecommunications - Chris brings strong, diverse and progressive leadership to JCM in areas like digital transformation, strategy and online commerce.

  • Gina Franch

    VP, Merchandising